Welcome to KSVA!

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Kansas Virtual Academy (KSVA) and K¹² work together, in partnership with you, to awaken the joy of learning in your child. The result can be greater academic success, confidence, and independence, both in school and beyond.

Kansas Virtual Academy and K¹² give Kansas kids in grades K–6 the chance to learn in the ways that are right for them with:

  • The award-winning curriculum from K¹², the leading online K–12 curriculum provider and an AdvancED-accredited company
  • A full-time, tuition-free online public school option with no student fees
  • Support from Kansas-licensed teachers with extensive training in online instruction from K¹²
  • An active, supportive school community
  • Social and extracurricular activities
  • A robust Advanced Learner Program
  • Books and materials
  • World languages for grades K–6
  • Student support services ranging from national K¹² parent and student networks to local community-based resources