School Year 2023–2024 Academic Calendar

Aug 23, 2023First day of school for NEW students
Aug 24, 2023First day of school for returning students
Sep 4, 2023Labor Day, School Closed
Sep 5, 2023Count Day 1
Sep 21, 2023Count Day 2
Oct 19, 2023End of Q1/Conferences (no classes)
Oct 20, 2023Teacher PD date (no classes)
Nov 22-24, 2023Fall Break, School Closed
Dec 14, 2023End of Semester 1 (no classes)
Dec 15, 2023Teacher PD date (no classes)
Dec 18, 2023 – Jan 4, 2024Winter Break, School Closed
Jan 2-4, 2024Teacher PD dates (no classes)
Jan 5, 2024First Day of Semester 2 for new students
Jan 8, 2024First Day of Semester 2 for returning students
Jan 15, 2024School Holiday
Feb 19, 2024School Holiday
Mar 7, 2024End of Q3/Conferences (no classes)
Mar 8, 2024Teacher PD date (no classes)
Mar 11-15, 2024Spring Break, School Closed
Mar and April TBDState assessments
May 11, 2024Graduation (HS only)
May 16, 2024End of Semester 2